Apple Store coming to downtown Naperville

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

As I much I as I hate to see more chain stores coming to downtown Naperville, it isn’t so bad when I can have an Apple Store within walking distance of my house.  Call me a hypocrite I guess! :) For those interested, the new Apple Store is supposed to be opening in the same [...]

Cory Doctorow Book Signing for Little Brother in Naperville

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Last week while perusing the web (no doubt wasting time and/or avoiding something important), I decided to checkout the website of a great little indie bookstore named Anderson’s Bookshop which is located in our town. They tend to have a good rotation of authors come in for readings and book signings. I was very surprised [...]

Things I Learned From Volunteering at Naper Settlement’s “All Hallows Eve”

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Did I tell you all about how I ended up volunteering at this year’s “All Hallows Eve” event at the Naper Settlement? It’s a long story that starts out at the local Home Depot.  Since I don’t own a major set of power tools (or a large vehicle to bring home long pieces of lumber), [...]

If I wasn’t already the self-declared “King of the Suburbs”

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Back in the spring I was interviewed by the Daily Herald about driving a Prius and subscribing to TerraPass. They had a staff photographer come over and take the “infamous” picture of me in front of my car which has was the talk around town for a few minutes. A month or two back I [...]

Get your tickets to Croncast Live!

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Kris and Betsy are taking their podcast, Croncast, on the road (well, technically it’s more “down the street”) by doing a live show at The Comedy Shrine in lovely downtown Naperville. More information is available over at and you can order tickets directly from Eventbrite… As I have mentioned to Kris in the past, [...]

Wii Are Famous

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed by a reporter from Reuters regarding the “Wii Party” that we had a month or so ago over at my friend, Rick’s house. The reporter originally found some posts that Kris made on his site and then he gave her my contact info. With all of that [...]

Taking Home the Gold From the Wii Tournament

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Kris and Betsy has a house full of people over last night for a Wii Tournament (consisting of both boxing and bowling). Liz and I had a great time and are hoping that this becomes a sort of regular “thing”. Besides having so much fun, I can’t help but gloat that I won the trophy [...]

Wii Are Tired

Friday, December 15th, 2006

The majority of the local nerd posse got together last night in the “Klau Man Pit” last night for some Wii action. It’s not that I didn’t already love this video game console (sorry, all), but last night pushed it to the next level. Wii Boxing amongst friends may be the greatest thing ever… And [...]

Nintendo Giving Naperville Some Props?

Friday, November 17th, 2006

While trying to get my fix of Nintendo news/info with 24 hours left before the launch of the Wii, I stumbled upon this commercial that Nintendo entitled, “Naperville”… Without giving away too much information about where I live, the title instantly grabbed me. ;) My Wii procurement strategy is Meijer (at midnight) -> Target (crack [...]

4 Hours To Get Home

Friday, November 10th, 2006

Yeah, not fun… I’ve never been a fan of the train (well I guess commuting in general for that matter)… I’ve had bad experiences in the past (which were lucky enough to be documented through previous podcasts) and this ties things for “worst commute ever“… Oh well, I’m home now and while I missed out [...]