My Favorite Things – Stanley Flask

I’m deciding to start a series of things I really like… They may be because of their design, usefulness, cleverness (or any combination)…

We’ll kick things off with a Christmas gift I bought for myself last year, the Stanley Classic Stainless Steel Flask

This flask is just awesome. It’s not your typical “thanks for being in my wedding” kind of flask.

It’s well designed, very sturdy and looks awesome (all-around winner in my book ~ the retro Stanley-green is bad-ass). If you’re looking for a flask (or an excuse to get a flask), this Stanley model is the way to go. If I could change one thing, I’d make it a little bit smaller. If it was about 1″ shorter, it would be perfect. Just a tad bulky at times (not that I’m carrying it to places I shouldn’t be!)… ;)

Stanley Classic Stainless Steel Flask

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One Response to “My Favorite Things – Stanley Flask”

  1. Evan Says:

    Indeed this looks likable. And likely to save you from a bullet to the heart if you’re carrying it in your breast pocket.