Apple Store coming to downtown Naperville

As I much I as I hate to see more chain stores coming to downtown Naperville, it isn’t so bad when I can have an Apple Store within walking distance of my house.  Call me a hypocrite I guess! :)

For those interested, the new Apple Store is supposed to be opening in the same space as the old Sharper Image location which is located at 120 W. Jefferson in Naperville, IL (across from Anderson’s Bookshop).

Apple has already started posting for job openings and walking by the other day, construction is well under way (and no I didn’t have my phone / camera to take pics).

I, for one, am looking for a closer place to go spend my hard-earned money.  Looking forward to this location opening up! :)

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2 Responses to “Apple Store coming to downtown Naperville”

  1. Bob Reed Says:

    Quite an addition to Naperville. The selection of downtown with the number of store and restaurant closings was at first a surprise, along with Apple’s announcement that it is cutting back on its retail expansion plans. But I’m pleased none the less. I’d rather visit a storefront than a mall any day.

  2. Vicki Wagner Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, going to Oakbrook is fun; however, I like the classes so heading to downtown Naperville in the winter will be so nice!! I can’t wait as I am an Apple fan:) Hurry up!!