Convergence’s Green Initiative

Convergence's "Green Initiative"One of the things that I noticed is pretty cool here at Convergence is their “Green Initiative”. In particular, every registered attendee received a Nalgene-ish reusable water bottle and there are water coolers EVERYWHERE for you to fill up. This takes the place of having free bottled water throughout the venue.

They say that going with this type of program is saving over 30,000 water bottles from being thrown out over the course of this week (and I believe it). Smart idea and a nice way to reduce how much trash an event of this size produces.

Some other Green Initiatives (from an “inside” Conference page):

* All attendees will be given a reusable water bottle to fill at water cooler stations throughout the Convention Center. Biodegradable cups will also be available at each water cooler station.
* The majority of conference-created collateral will be printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper (processed chlorine-free) and printed with vegetable-based ink.
* All CommNet stations will be stocked with recycled paper.
* The fabric of the conference bag is made with 51% post-consumer recycled materials including water bottles and yogurt containers.
* The conference pen is manufactured with corn starch instead of petroleum and is 81% biodegradable.
* The conference badge lanyard is manufactured from 100% recycled soda and water bottles.
* Badge holders will be collected at the end of the event to be reused at future Microsoft Dynamics and Convergence events.
* The journal within the conference bag is made with 100% recycled chipboard cover, 100% post-consumer recycled writing paper, and printed with soy-based ink. The wire binding is made of 97% scrap metal with only 3% new steel.
* Evaluation prizes include t-shirts made with organic cotton and other solar-powered gadgets.
* The Conference Store will be stocking a variety of environmentally friendly merchandise.
* Air-conditioning/heating and lighting will be minimized during off-hours to minimize power consumption.
* The disposable plates and bowls used during certain meals are made of a biodegradable sugarcane by-product. Napkins, cups and other boxed containers are also made of biodegradable and recycled materials.
* Menus will incorporate a variety of locally-grown and organic ingredients. Left-over food will also be donated to Second Harvest, a local food bank.
* Convergence Sponsors & Exhibitors have been encouraged to help reduce waste by minimizing giveaways and collateral, using recycled materials where possible, and minimizing shipping and packaging needs.

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