Convergence Session: Using SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Dashboards, Analytics, and Document Collaboration

### Common Dashboards for SharePoint
* My Dashboard
* Activities, Opportunities, Accounts
* Role Based
* Metrics, Team Roll-Up
* Sales Manager
* Marketing Manager
* Customer Service

### The Dashboard Top 3
* Page viewer Web Part is your friend
* Send as a short-cut
* Folder Home Page

### Other Ideas
* Link specific dashboard webpages (coming from SharePoint) directly from Outlook
* Right-Click on a folder within Outlook and go to Properties -> Home Page to set URL
* Marketing Activities (Marketing Campaigns, Responses, etc)
* Customer Service (Activities, Goals, etc)
* Sales Manager (Team Quota, Roll-Ups, Drill-Thrus)
* 300 – 450 pixels wide is a good start for “wide” webparts in SharePoint
* “Connect to Outlook” Action Item in Outlook is a good way of taking documents offline

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