podcast #13 (or CinchCast #1) podcastGoing on almost a year, so what better time to record a new podcast!

Actually this was an unintentional podcast that just start happenening. You see, BlogTalkRadio (who my friend Kris just got a new gig with) recently released a new service called Cinch which allows you to record/create podcast by just making a phone call.

All you need to do is dial up 646-200-0000 and start recording at the beep.

What happens when you hang up is that the phone call is converted to mp3 and output in an RSS feed at Really cool stuff.

Yesterday while I was stuck in traffic (which is usually when/where your typical podcast is recorded), I started thinking about this service and dialed it up. As soon as it picked up, I got the crazy idea of conferencing my friend Kris into the call just to see if it would record the both of us. What resulted was this recording where Kris talks about Cinch and we discuss some of the possibilities with using the service and building some applications/plugins around it.

Download podcast #13 (3.1mb – 13:41) or suck it in from my RSS Feed or subscribe to it in iTunes.

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