The MacBreak Weekly Drinking Game

One of my newly aquired PBR GobletsWarning: This post is extremely nerdy and really “outs” my geek-ish tendencies (though, “no, I will not be writing any MacBreak Weekly FanFic”). :)

I listen to a lot of podcasts. For me, they have pretty much completely replaced my listening of live radio. The radio that I do listen to is “timeshifted” through pretty much the programming coming from NPR such as Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, Car Talk, etc.

One of my favorite podcasts has to be MacBreak Weekly. As you can tell by the title, it has a technical slant but is always very entertaining and the topics of conversation can vary quite a bit. As I listen every week, I always think to myself that there are certain things that always occur during the show that could mesh well with pairing a drinking game alongside it (not that my mind is always focused on alcohol ~ especially while listening to the show since I’m usually driving).

With that all said, I now introduce the MacBreak Weekly Drinking Game… Please feel free to add on or make any suggestions! :)

### Take ONE drink…
* anytime “the” Twitter is mentioned
* anytime Merlin Mann or Alex Lindsay mention their respective babies
* anytime you can hear/tell that Leo Laporte is looking something up while they are talking
* anytime Chris Breen’s hair is referenced

### Take TWO drinks…
* anytime Andy Ihnatko references anything related to comic books
* anytime Alex Lindsay mentions anything related to Africa
* anytime Merlin Mann brings up the Mac SE Backpack

### Take THREE drinks…
* anytime the “Rathole” theme is played
* anytime someone’s iPhone gets to close to a microphone and starts that GSM chirping sound
* anytime Scott Bourne starts talking about something that he randomly bought that costs more than an average person’s yearly salary

### Take FIVE drinks…
* anytime Alex Lindsay starts getting technical about something and you start getting the head-bobs/start drifting off to sleep :)
* if there is any special guests outside of the normal “crew”

### FINISH your drink…
* anytime Leo Laporte buys a new computer and it is updated within a week of purchasing
* anyone switches from MacOSX to Vista :)

disclaimer: does not condone the abuse of mixing alcohol and podcasts…

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27 Responses to “The MacBreak Weekly Drinking Game”

  1. Jeff O'Hara Says:


  2. Daryl Smith Says:

    I just found you post through a tweet from Andy Ihnatko. It’s so spot on.

  3. carol Says:

    hmm….after reading the drink rules there is no way to play this game and remain remotely sober, but it sounds like a fun way to listen to mac break weekly

  4. Rafy Says:

    I’ll be drunk 15 min into the podcast just because of these three.

    nytime “the” Twitter is mentioned

    anytime Alex Lindsay starts getting technical about something and you start getting the head-bobs/start drifting off to sleep :)

    anytime Leo Laporte buys a new computer and it is updated within a week of purchasing

    That was awesome Andy.

  5. linton Says:

    congratulations, you have been twittered

  6. Big John Says:

    Take One Drink –

    - anytime Andy Ihnatko refers to an obscure handheld device or palmtop computer (2 drinks if he bought it at an MIT flea market)

    - anytime Alex Lindsay says he just wants a subscription-model music service with non-DRM high quality tracks & a social network to go with it (or says he wants Napster back)

  7. Mark Sheppard Says:

    Take any number of drinks when the term “Alex” is used to describe currency.

  8. Matt D. Says:

    To clarify, Mark:

    If something costs 1.5 Alexes, we take 1.5 drinks? That was what it sounded like and I wanted to be sure. I think we all would be dead when Leo mentioned Scott Bourne’s new car (35 Alexes).

  9. Dan Ivovich Says:

    Awesome list.

    I just joined twitter, just relaunched my own website, and just started listening to MacBreak weekly at the beginning of the year. Its really awesome all the great stuff these podcasting communities and twitter communities can expose someone too.

    Great information and conversations that anyone can be part of and contribute to. Some clear cut examples of the benefits of the internet.

    Behold the blogosphere.

    Also I share in the congratulations on your being twittered.

  10. mike Says:

    Hey guys, these comments / additions are awesome! Keep ‘em coming! :)

  11. Izzy Says:

    LOL! Maybe they should change the name to MacBuzz Weekly!

  12. Dave V. Says:

    Finish your drink when Andy Ihnatko twitters a link to your drinking game. ;-)

  13. Tyrone Says:

    Awesome post!! Great stuff. How about:

    Take Two Drinks –

    • Anytime someone mentions they want the 12″ Powerbook back as it was the best for travelling.

    Take Three Drinks –

    • Anytime one of the crew mentions buying a piece of hardware that has been obsolete for more than 5 years

  14. Clay Carson Says:


  15. Clay Carson Says:

    BAH! Sorry, bad link.

  16. Jimi Says:

    Take 3 drinks:
    anytime Merlin throws out any business speak, offering to “drill down” or “open the kimono” on a “FrieNDA”

    anytime anyone mentions scott bourne’s vest of iPhones.

    anytime leo claims its been a “slow” news week

    anytime Lightroom and Aperture are mentioned within 15 seconds of each other.

    Take 5 drinks
    Anytime Merlin lays out his belief that Apple and google’s cloud computing will do something special.

    Finish your drink
    anytime Apple announces anything during the taping of the show.

  17. isteve Says:

    1 drink, pick of the week is a youtube video downloader.

    1 drink, someone says Crazy Talk

    2 drinks, for a Monty Python reference

    2 drinks, when someone compares the iphone to the N95

  18. aarchitect Says:

    How about: take a drink any time someone goes into a fake foreign or nerdy accent? Exceeelleeent!

  19. Rocketcool Says:

    The fake foreign accent should totally be added to the list, under the “1 drink” category.

    3 drinks: Whenever they make fun of people from the South
    3 drinks: Merlin complains about iCal
    2 drinks: A Big Lebowski reference
    1 drink: For a crazy Andy Ihnatko simile or metaphor.
    Finish your drink: They suggest something that seems harmless but will cripple your hd. (fsck – fy and Merlin, I’m looking at you.)

  20. Neil Says:

    One drink if you can tell that Leo is looking something up and two drinks if you hear the Apple Mail outgoing message sound.

  21. david Says:

    I’d have to second Rocketcool’s fake accent recommendation.

  22. Sam C Says:

    Couldn’t resist adding one:

    Take a drink anytime someone tries to one up everyone else in music taste. For example, “If I want to download Louder than Bombs” … “Let’s say I’m looking for the Wrens” … “But if you can’t get Petula Clark” :)

  23. thirtfootscrew Says:

    Legendary, the list is great and some of the commented additions are excellent too – I also found this via Andy Ihnatko’s twitter feed.

  24. dan Says:

    Golly. If you were playing this game with Evian you could get water poisoning.

  25. Lee Says:

    2 drinks
    Anytime Alex says “he doesn’t like going up to the web or web apps”.

    5 drinks
    When Scott’s disclaimer is read.
    To echo what others have stated in previous posts, you need to be a professional drinker to survive this game.

  26. Dave R. Says:

    These are all beautiful things. Can we somehow consolidate them?

    May I also add 1 drink anytime the drinking game is mentioned (yeah…we are looking at you Merlin.)

  27. Mac-Convert Says:

    Are you talking swigs or actual drinks? If drinks, this list will surely lead to alcohol poisoning on almost every episode! PARTY!