Setting Twitterific (Power User) Preferences

So I have been using Twitterific for a while (yes, I am a registered user) but I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve always been somewhat annoyed with how it displays full usernames (“Mike Marusin”) rather than ScreenNames (“marusin“).

Low and behold, there are a ton of “Power User Preferences” that can be done through the command line for version 3.1 (I’m running 3.1b3 -> direct download link)…

From the Twitterific ReadMe file:

Power User Preferences

The following list shows preferences that can be set with the command line. These preferences can be used to configure Twitterrific for special uses.

To set one of these “power user” preferences, quit Twitterrific and issue the following from a command line:

% defaults write com.iconfactory.Twitterrific [preference] [type] [value]

where [preference] is the name of the preference, [type] is the data type and [value] is the data value to use (shown in the table below.) After restarting Twitterrific, you should see the new preference setting.

To delete the preference and return to a default setting, use:

% defaults delete com.iconfactory.Twitterrific [preference]

Make sure that you match case when typing the [preference] key—baseurl is not the the same as baseUrl. Use man defaults for more information about setting defaults with the command line.

Preference Type Default Value Description
connectionLogging -bool NO When this preference is set to YES, Twitterrific will log connection information to the Console. This is helpful for debugging Twitter problems.

processTweetScriptPath -string None A path to an AppleScript that will be used to process each new tweet that arrives. The script parameters are described below.
protocol -string “http://” Allows Twitterrific to be configured for other protocols, such as “https://”.
baseUrl -string “” Allows Twitterrific to be configured for other servers supporting the Twitter API.
filterOwnTweets -bool NO If this preference is set to YES, Twitterrific will not display your own tweets. It will only display the tweets of your friends.
tweetScreenNameFilter -string None Defines an ICU regular expression that will be used to filter incoming tweets based on the screen name of the tweet. If you want to block everything from @crackheadjoe and @chattypatty, you would set this preference to “(crackheadjoe|chattypatty)”.
tweetTextFilter -string None Defines an ICU regular expression that will be used to filter incoming tweets based on the text of the tweet. Setting this preference to “[cC][aA][nN] [hH][aA][sSzZ]” will let you avoid LOLCAT inanity.
maximumStatusCount -integer 200 This preference specifies how many tweets from your timeline to hold in memory.
maximumMessagesCount -integer 20 This preference specifies how many direct messages to hold in memory.
sonicTwooshTechnology -bool NO The vocal stylings of Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch inform you when a posted tweet is exactly 140 characters long.
growlMaximumShown -integer 5 This value sets the maximum number of Growl notifications that will be displayed after a refresh. If there are more than the maximum, a summary is displayed.
displayScreenName -bool NO When this preference is set to YES, “chockenberry” will be displayed instead of “Craig Hockenberry.”
pinScrollingEdges -bool NO This preference changes how the view is scrolled when “keep same view” is selected. If your view is at the very top of the list, that position is maintained.
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One Response to “Setting Twitterific (Power User) Preferences”

  1. mark fowler Says:

    The ability to filter tweets on tye desktop version is great, but until I can do the same on the iPhone version of twitterrific, I’m still going to see those tweets

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