I do loves me some Twitter

As I mentioned the other day, while I wasn’t really active around marusin.com I do post/read a lot over at Twitter.

What’s really slick (and scary at the same time) is a little script that auto-generates some stats based upon your Twitter usage… With that said, here’s my Twitter use in a nutshell for 2007!

My Twitter Stats for 2007

You can get the script over at http://dcortesi.com/2007/12/27/twitter-stats/

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  1. Eloquation Says:

    I love Twitter, I love stats. I really love Twitter stats….

    A week ago, Damon Cortesi (who happens to be one rockin’ guy) wrote a little Perl script to help Twitter users create some really pretty graphs that chart their Twitter usage over the past year. In the week or so that has followed, everyone has …