Happy 2008!

2008 is coming in fast and I just wanted to write a quick post to wish all of my loyal marusin.com readers a Happy New Year!

2007 was quite a year for us as everything that we were planning for the year came through. I’m still amazed to be honest!
- Liz’s business has taken off and she has done several plans for kitchens, baths, remodels, etc (including our own which leads into…)
- We were sold our old house in record time and moved in-town (as we call it in the biz Ville) back in July
- We had a new addition to our family with Poppy being born in October

With following the tradition that I started last year, here are a couple quick facts for 2007…

Me at a glance for 2007
- States visited in 2007: Illinois (by default), Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin (week at the cabin again), Minnesota (trip for work), Michigan (a couple of times for weekend trips) and Washington (annual Gnomedex trip)
- Number of cars that I either purchased or assisted in purchasing this year: 0 (but I’d be lying if I told you that I haven’t been thinking about something German again…) :)
- Newfound hobby for 2007: Amateur Photographer (VERY amateur!)
- Place on the Internet where I spent the majority of my time (get your minds out of the gutter!): http://twitter.com/marusin
- Favorite Album of 2007: Challengers by The New Pornographers
- My favorite gadget(s): Tie between my Nintendo DS/Wii, the Nikon D40 and my iPhone. I use almost each one daily!
- My favorite video game: Tie between Guitar Hero 3 and Legend of Zelda Phantom HourGlass
- My favorite book: Not that it came out this year, but I re-read The Cluetrain Manifesto a couple of times and still get something out of it each time it’s revisited
- My favorite movie of 2007: Has to be either Ratatouille or Superbad

The Year That Is To Come…
I just hope to have as good of a year as I did in 2007. We had a lot of great things happen and hope this streak continues into 2008. I do have a couple of other tricks up my sleeve that you may just be hearing about at some point, but I won’t even begin to hint at those right now! :)

Happy New Year, everyone…

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