My Love Affair With RedBox

I took some time off of work back when we had Poppy and discovered a new way to rent videos as I was running some errands around town one of the days that I took off. I ended up at the local Jewel (grocery store for you non-Chicago-ish people) and upon entering the store, saw a strange red vending machine that was named RedBox next to the entrance. It was advertising video rentals for 99 cents a night. There had to be a catch and I decided to investigate and try to figure out “where the scam was”.

I decided to go through the catalog of DVDs available for rental and while it had the typical mainstream movies that you would expect to see anywhere, I was amazed to see that it had new releases that had come out THAT DAY (it was a Tuesday). Looking further into things, I was thinking that new releases is where they’d get you. I went as far as adding one of the new releases to my cart (you interact with a touchscreen that is similar to shopping online) and waiting to see that it was going to cost $5 or something crazy like you’d pay at Blockbuster.

To my surprise, the new release was still 99 cents a night! I decided to give it a whirl. I slid my credit card, typed in my email address so I could get a receipt and a few seconds later, the DVD came out of the machine and I continued on with my shopping. As I was in the store, my iPhone buzzed with a new email (which was indeed my receipt). This was the beginning of what has become (as mentioned in the title of this post) my love affair with RedBox

I no longer have to deal with the crowds or prices of Blockbuster. There are no late fees with RedBox. If I keep the movie for two nights, it’s $2. Three nights, it’s $3. So on and so on.

Want to know another key feature for me? You don’t have to return the videos you rent to the same RedBox location. You could conceivably rent a dvd in your hometown and go on a trip to another state and return the video at a location there. I haven’t done this, but it has been helpful when I wanted to return a movie and was heading the opposite direction from our local Jewel.

Finally, another great feature is that you can browse the inventory of a RedBox location from your computer at home/work and actually reserve the movie so it’s available to pick up later that day.

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself that I’m some how being paid to praise this service so much, but I assure you that’s not the case. I have just found an awesome service that is very reasonable and convenient. We have rented more movies in the last few months than we had for the whole year since it’s so easy to use and so reasonable. I have dabbled with NetFlix before, but never felt like we watch enough movies to justify the service. I will say that the catalogs between NetFlix and RedBox are world’s apart, but is perfect for someone who just wants to watch SuperBad the day it comes out for 99 cents.

From my reading on their website RedBox is not available everywhere, but if you happen to see this large/red vending machine at your local grocery store I highly recommend their service.

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