Need Recommendations For Video Hosting

So rather than just throw you the previous “my shit’s broke” post and let you dwell on that for a few more weeks before my next post (I kid!), I have an honest question to ask…

Does anyone have any favorites when it comes to websites for hosting video online?

Before you answer… “yes, I’ve heard of YouTube“. I just don’t really want to be in “that mix” (at least in the near future).  I have dabbled with YouTube and before (bet you didn’t know about that, did ya!?). I do really like, but you can’t upload something and make it private or just share with a select group. You upload something there and everyone and their brother can have at it.  

I eventually plan on using (or something else if I find something better) for a little experiment I’m working on.  For now I just have some embarrassing videos of family members playing Guitar Hero 3 from Thanksgiving that I’d like to share with them and not some pre-teen from Pigsknuckle, Arkansas (nothing against you, if you’re a loyal reader!)…  :) 

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3 Responses to “Need Recommendations For Video Hosting”

  1. Scott McNulty Says:

    I use Viddler ( to host my Fork You episodes and I love it!

  2. Mack D. Male Says:

    We don’t have all the privacy features you’re looking for yet, but I’d love to have you consider us for your experiment! I think we stack up against quite well.

  3. Jeff O'Hara Says:

    The nice thing about blip, is you can use a different SWF player on your own website, and stream the video and not link back to blip if you don’t want to. I really like blip’s terms of service, they won’t put ads in your video if you don’t want, and you own all your content, etc.