My Guitar Hero 3 Wii Friend Code

Like a ton of people, I’m TOTALLY hooked on Guitar Hero 3 on the Wii (as are some of my friends).  I picked it up last week and have changed the batteries in my WiiMote more times over the last 7 days than I have in the last 7 months!

I’m ready to take on some of you folks who may be reading my site (all 3 of you), so please send me your friend code.

My Guitar Hero 3 Wii Friend Code is 030180318332

Just a warning: prepare to have your ass handed to you…  ROCK! :)

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106 Responses to “My Guitar Hero 3 Wii Friend Code”

  1. Rick Klau Says:

    Just added you. Mine is 068835253049. Rock on!

  2. robbruns57 Says:

    whats up mine is
    433906766762 already got you added

  3. shaddow100 Says:

    my friend code is 163323440776

  4. brady Says:

    my code is 446791249065

  5. dude Says:

    mine is 103195201268

  6. Hyde Says:

    yeah you want me to hand out my ass i kick so much awss at this game mine is 446793210413

  7. sergio3 Says:

    mine is 528397922475

  8. gir Says:

    mine is 476856537579

  9. jime Says:

    my code is 506 922 135768

  10. Irapotato Says:

    Mine is 300762498888. Bring IT!!!!!!

  11. Irapotato Says:

    add me everyone

  12. kagee Says:

    add me 536985594819

  13. muffin Says:

    mine is 073132425321 aqdd me

  14. Bud Says:

    Hi , mine is 4339 0806 5329

  15. im a girl Says:

    mine is 309355525755

  16. raz Says:

    mine is 2040669032918762 please add me

  17. tim Says:

    Hey, please add me… my friend code is 055953317233.

  18. deathsquad Says:

    Add me my code is 232044582781 Thanks

  19. Sergio Says:

    Added you
    My code is

    Anyone else add me too

  20. Van Halinhas Says:

    ADD ME MY CODE IS : 494040746373 PLEASE ADD ME!!!

  21. meh Says:

    add me mines 528398135550

  22. i kik ur ass Says:

    add me all of you

  23. Scott Says:

    add me 227748244731 anyone else can email me there code and i’ll add you

  24. Scott Says:

    my email is

  25. sheni Says:


    add me everyone

  26. steven Says:

    added you.
    add me – 0430 6958 7616

  27. Alex Says:

    hey i added you already so heres mine


  28. George Says:

    hey lets see ur skills mine is 390957273950 lets do TTFAF on EXPERT

  29. liam Says:

    add mine 313653140146

  30. TOMSBUDDHA Says:

    HERE’S MY CODE: 030185087780. Add me!

  31. adam Says:

    mine is 236343810052

  32. jim Says:

    added a few of you
    heres mine : 515516722556
    anyone add :)

  33. Sliding Axis Says:

    here already added people above

  34. LIAM Says:

    add me someone lol 313653140146

  35. liam Says:

    add me im on 24/7 ……313653140146

  36. liam Says:

    313653140146 and add m msn……….,…also im on 24/7 and tell me if u aded me on guitar hero 3 thanx

  37. Mike Says:

    added u… here’s mine: 150444611867

  38. Dakota Says:

    Please add me!!

    My friend code is 047359697395

  39. AnnaSmart1993 Says:

    Add Mee..4639 7687 6641

  40. ChrisDom Says:

    279293230225 im on whenever **

  41. rockinballs Says:

    mine is 399546607902

  42. George Says:

    on my friend roster is says pending friends so that means i have to wait till the other person accepts my “”"friendship”"”

  43. George Says:

    hey i added a lot of u guys mine is 390957273950 add me

  44. George Says:

    Come on people lets get to adding

  45. George Says:

    if anyone adds me you can email me at

  46. bharri Says:

    017300498808 friend code
    I just got this for christmas. not very good yet but I am playing the hell out of it.

  47. Danny Says:

    038775720888 – Add me =)

  48. George Says:

    hey Danny i added u add me 390957273950

  49. Dominique Says:

    the wii code is——>511221380371

  50. Devin Says:

    i just added u mine is 463972666947

  51. P1MP3R Says:

    mine is 2214 4079 7625 5199

  52. P1MP3R Says:

    my bad, my code is 3737 8337 1032, add me… Hurry!

  53. Dominique5 Says:

    add me cause i’m ready to play anyday…..08172570444

  54. liam Says:

    add me plz smone ffs look up a bit 4 my code n tell me if u added me thnx

  55. George Says:

    hey who has the name MASTE on here mine’s G-Dog

  56. liam . Says:

    george im maste lol! hay! u got msn or anything?

  57. adam Says:

    mine is 305064610852

  58. ghuitar Says:

    hay george im maste i had to change my name on here cus i sent it on my wii lol and im on my computer now lol

  59. Justin Says:

    add me mine is……… 476863623174


  60. matt Says:

    hey i added u challenge men no on else can beat me my code is 240637922565

  61. Nate Says:

    hey i can’t find my wii friend code for GH3
    I know where my console number is but obviously thats not my friend code… help please :X

  62. George Says:

    hey maste (idk ur actual name) um i don’t have msn, but i have an aim it’s greeceboy94, and wow ur pretty good at guitar hero3!!

  63. Ninja Says:

    I added Rick Klau, Robbruns57, shaddow100, Dominiques, please add me, code:5412 8507 0053

  64. Ninja Says:

    i also added delicios the person who made this site.

  65. George Says:

    Hey Ninja i added u mine is : 390957273950

  66. liam Says:

    lol i kick but george lol

  67. nicco Says:

    hey guys. i realllly need a challenge. if you think you can beat me add me my friend code is:

  68. Peter Says:

    Hey there,
    Like to play all levels of difficulty…preferably hard and expert. my friend code is: 2578-2132-5207

  69. adam Says:

    someone add me

  70. slash Says:

    sup every one add me someone mine us,356606141820

  71. George Says:

    guys add me on Guitar Hero 3 WFC please ill kill you 390957273950

  72. shashank49 Says:

    psh who ever is man enough to face me on
    TTFATF on expert
    then come get some!!!

  73. benjito Says:

    anyone can add me im on pretty late. difficulty : HARD
    code:4510 9398 1408
    send me yours

  74. adam Says:

    has anyone added me

  75. CCBIGG Says:

    Why does it say pending friends. If anyone can answer or tell me how to set up the friend codes yours. Just don’t cry if I kick your Ars.

  76. jack Says:

    mine is 317946288016

  77. OAG Says:

    Umm… yea my wii GH3 friend code is 481153094802…so comm’om peeps plz add me. and i added some ppl including the owner of this thread. ROCK ON!!!!!

  78. OAG Says:

    anyone add me yet? again it’s…481153094802…R0CK on PEEEPZZ!!!!

  79. Prindall101 Says:

    HEY YO!!!!!! WHATS UP!!?? MINE IS 004422186646

  80. Prindall101 Says:

    OH!! I added everyone!!

  81. jon Says:

    i’d like to see you try. my friend code is 4682-7850-0998

  82. George Says:

    ok “jon” I’d like to see YOU try my friend code is 390957273950

  83. Mario Says:

    mine is 060257237452

  84. VOlaBOOM Says:

    my friend code is262107607111 and i play on expert

  85. meeda153 Says:

    add me 055962164010 i added u

  86. COLDFIRE Says:

    my wii number is 077434469301 so ill play with anybody so add me

  87. tetsu Says:

    i’ve already add you n n, mine is 317956618737

  88. Conor Kirkpatrick Says:

    Hi, I just added you.

    Here is my friend code: 7191 3836 3166 7186

    Have fun, and rock on!

  89. pii-wii Says:

    mine is 390971049091

  90. JNTJ Says:

    my friend code is YBSD OZLI GGU3 ON3P dont know why i have 16 numbers

  91. JNTJ Says:

    sorry found the right code it’s 4296 3077 7567

  92. Alanna E. Brumfield Says:

    Hello my name is Alanna and the name i use on GH3 is Candy. Please Add Me!

    1504 4453 6897

  93. Max Says:

    mine code is 124688607937

  94. Georgia Says:


    FC: 399564164107

    Add me?

  95. joe Says:

    man, I added all you guys
    add me back if you want to play, my name is joe on GH3
    mine’s 429613129968

  96. jamie Says:

    hey im just adding u now my friend code is 335139270736 im just gonna add u and im good i can do some hard song on hard(but not dragnforce yet)

  97. jonathon Says:

    my email is mich2k7@ymail contact me with ur friend code so wii can extange…

  98. Jamezie Says:

    Please add me my code is
    ….4597 1389 9869.

  99. Lito. Says:

    Added! 2363-7588-8299!! Rock on yo. anyone else add me. add my myspace or something! we shall exchange gh3 codes and any others you want.

  100. LucasKnd Says:

    Add me please


    Friend Code

  101. Yoshi911 Says:

    Mine is is 030180318332!
    Please register me!

  102. Alex Says:

    So..need some new competition. :]

    090327043505 email me if you want. ;]

  103. Zee Says:

    FrIeNd CoDe : 223488641449

  104. feen-man Says:

    make way peeps god is cming thru!please add me i am pretty poo n itll look good infront of ur friends 249264698720



  106. Jonathan Says: