At Gnomedex 7.0

I’m at Gnomedex 7.0 in Seattle this weekend. Normally I have live-blogged the events, but this year I have decided to just enjoy the events and take some notes and pictures. I am updating (occasionally) through my Twitter feed and will definitely be updating the site with a bunch of my thoughts once things start to be digested (and I have some better bandwidth ~ note to self: get an EVDO card for next year)…  Same goes for photos on my Flickr site.

If you want to follow things (LIVE!), I highly suggest checking out (everything is being streamed live) or keep your eye’s on Robert Scoble’s Twitter w/Friends page… He is following over 5,000 people on Twitter (and I’m guessing the majority of these users are either here or watching live).

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2 Responses to “At Gnomedex 7.0”

  1. LordKaT Says:

    Hey! You’ve got one of the few shots with my fat ass in it!

    (Gnomedex crew)


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