Weekend In Michigan

It’s been a crazy time around the Marusin household with our house on the market, our eyes on finding our next place to live and a few other “secrets” that haven’t been mentioned other than through a few cryptic Twitter posts by me…

A sampling of the Tulips

With that said, we got away for a quick weekend to Michigan to catch the tail-end of the annual Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan. I need more (and longer) vacations. :)

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4 Responses to “Weekend In Michigan”

  1. Gregg Eldred Says:

    Methinks you are not as cryptic as you may think. ;-) If there is a pool going on “other secrets,” put me down for $10 on . . .

  2. John Bigenwald Says:

    Well…. congrats, allegedly… I think…

  3. Honold Says:

    My skills at deciphering cryptic messages are ninja-like. Congrats….Keep me posted……

  4. marusin.com » Blog Archive » No excuse for my lack of blogging (but here’s one anyways) Says:

    [...] As I have hinted around this site, it’s time to let you all know that Liz and I are expecting our second offspring in October. We’re rolling the dice (as we did with Maggie) and not finding out if we’re having a boy or girl. It really makes things interesting (and frustrating for everyone who wants to know) and gives you something to focus on when things are nuts during the last few weeks. [...]