I’m the posterboy for the Environment and Carbon Offsetting? :)

Whoah! Cover story on me/Prius/TerraPass in today's Daily HeraldYes, I drive a Prius and participate in TerraPass. No, I have not hugged a tree (at least in the last couple of weeks)… :)

Today’s Daily Herald has an article that Bob McCoppin wrote about Chicago-area people who have participated in Carbon Offsetting programs. Through my online publicist (uh, that’s a joke by the way), I was “discovered” as someone who has subscribed to TerraPass. If you’re unfamiliar, the idea is that you determine the type of car/how much you drive. From there it will calculate how much Carbon Dioxide your vehicle puts out. You then can make a “donation” that is used to invest in technologies that promote “clean energy” (such as solar, wind, etc) and “offset” your emissions.

I have to say that offsetting your Carbon Dioxide emissions isn’t going to completely solve the problem. If nothing else, it’s a start and is a way of putting your money where your mouth is in terms of thinking about alternative energy and lowering emissions.

Hopefully as becoming “green” becomes more trendy, people participating in programs like TerraPass will really start making a difference (especially in numbers). Until then, any little bit helps.

Now where’s that patchouli? :)

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5 Responses to “I’m the posterboy for the Environment and Carbon Offsetting? :)”

  1. oCoMiK Says:

    Hey Cover Boy ;-)

    That’s pretty cool having a write-up like that. Also I like the fact that you (and your wife) still purchase offsets even though you drive one of the more environmentally friendly vehicles on the road today.

    Like you said, “collectively we can make a difference.”

    Hope everything else is going well and take care.

  2. Honold Says:

    Wow…between Maggie on NPR and you on the Daily Herald, the Royal Family better run for cover! There is a new paparazzi-chased family in town!!

  3. Paul I Says:

    Hey Mike (or should I say ‘Mr. Green’), it was pretty weird opening up the paper today and seeing a giant picture of someone I used to work with. I am also making contributions to the cause, except I am purchasing offsets to offset the offsets. That way for every dollar raised to fund alternative energy and lowering emissions we are raising money to produce more emissions. If it just wasn’t so trendy maybe I would be on the ‘green’ side ;) By the way I thought that was a pretty good picture they took.

  4. Geno Says:

    FUCKEN SWEET!!!!!!!!!
    Good picture too. GENO

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