Guest spot on the “Capture the Conversation” podcast

I had the pleasure of being involved in an interesting discussion on Room 214′s “Capture the Conversation” podcast last week.

My friend, Kris Smith, invited Evan Brown and I onto the podcast to talk about all things RSS, SEO, Moderated Media and web (with a little law on the side for Evan)… It’s my first time appearing on a “produced” podcast (compared to the ramblings that are released around here) and Kris made me sound about as good as I can. Yes I have a nasily voice and interupt people alot, but at least Kris took out the “ums”, “uhs” and other bad-habit phrases that I tend to use. :)

Go give it a listen and let me know what you think. I was a little nervous being in a “studio-setting” (meaning fancy microphones and sound-absorbing foam on the walls), but had a great time “talking shop”. Who knows if Kris will ever have us back, though. I know how much editing he had to do to make it somewhat tolerable! :)

Check out CTC Podcast #2- Say it legally and Moderated Media RSS over at

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