podcast #12 podcastThings have been slow around here and I’ve been trying to type up a post that I just couldn’t get into words. What better reason to record podcast #12?

- I think I’m ditching the “stuffing” brand. Doesn’t do much for me anymore.
- Have had a blog post in draft mode for weeks. Figured it would be easier to talk through then type out.
- For some reason I completely dance around the topic of the day = “RSS Regurgitation”
- Web 2.0ish/Social Networking Sites are where the problem (somewhat) stems from = RSS Feeds (with all of my friend’s content)
- Tumblelogs are also a bit of a problem lately
- Mashed-up/Spliced RSS feeds = content regurgitation
- Providing a “blog-only” RSS feed is an easy solution
- Wouldn’t it be great if my RSS reader were “smarter”?
- What are your thoughts? How do you handle this? Am I just a big baby? :)

Download podcast #12 (11.9mb – 17:16) or suck it in from my RSS Feed or subscribe to it in iTunes.

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One Response to “ podcast #12”

  1. Honold Says:

    Does that also mean we don’t have to look at the picture of the stuffing anymore as well? I am sure it is delicious, but that picture: not so much!!! :)