Things I’ll Admit About Myself (Day 2)

Carrying on the tradition that I started yesterday, here’s the second revelation that I’ll admit about myself this week…

I get annoyed very easily.

I’ve been working feverishly to fix this shortcoming, but if you’re dumb, lazy or I don’t like your attitude it’s gonna take a lot for me to think differently. :)

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One Response to “Things I’ll Admit About Myself (Day 2)”

  1. Justin Says:

    I think this comes with the territory for a) this time of year and b) living in Chicago…

    I seriously have no patience for anything anymore. Coworker not pulling his weight? I immediately complain. Someone in front of me driving below the speed limit? I honk.

    Seriously. It’s not just you man. Don’t conform to the rest of the “let’s all be patient with each other” universe that somehow made it’s way as a social norm. That’s not my social norm, that’s for sure…