Things I’ll Admit About Myself (Day 1)

A couple of weeks back, the “Five Things About Me” meme was going around and Gregg tagged me to participate. Things got crazy and I never followed up to put together a list. With that said, I’ve been feeling guilty and figured that I’ll take this week to make a meme about myself where I admit one fact about myself per day (speading things out over the week means one thing… CONTENT!).

With no further ado, here’s something I’ll admit about myself…

I have just come to the realization that I bookmark (in my own secret/special way) practically every article that is published on Web Worker Daily… I absolutely love that site and everything about it. :)

Was that something shocking or earth-shattering? Nope. Will this week get more jucier as the days progress? Tune in and you shall see! (how’s that for a cliff-hanger?) :)

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