Taking Home the Gold From the Wii Tournament

I am the Wii Bowling Champion (of the future!)Kris and Betsy has a house full of people over last night for a Wii Tournament (consisting of both boxing and bowling). Liz and I had a great time and are hoping that this becomes a sort of regular “thing”.

Besides having so much fun, I can’t help but gloat that I won the trophy for Wii Bowling with my scores of 203 and 205 (even after an attempt to throw off my game by being “forced” to do a tequila shot from Betsy)… :)

I don’t think I ever won a trophy before.

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3 Responses to “Taking Home the Gold From the Wii Tournament”

  1. Kris Says:

    Not only did you win but you ran the convoluted bowling bracket. Thanks Mike!

    But the champion forgot his second trophy, the glass AK-47 filled with vodka. Keep an eye on your porch buddy a cold libation in the form of a Russian beauty.

  2. Jack Brunswick Says:

    I told you the leather glove with the wrist support would give you an edge over the competition. See….It paid off.

  3. Joy Says:

    First of all, congrats on the trophy! I was searching for anything that had to do with Wii tournaments and this is what I found. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the trophy? I am planning a surprise birthday party for my husband and we are having a Wii game night. Our main game will be a bowling tournament and I would love to get a couple of those. Thanks and have a great day!