Happy New Year

Well, we have about 10 hours until 2007 (at least where I live) and I had some time to write up a quick/probably last post of 2006.

The Year That Was…
This year has been a busy year for me it seems. I can’t really look back and tell you what I did but the year has completely flown by. Maggie has gone from being immobile to full-blown running around the house/up and down stairs. Maybe she’ll take after her mom and continue with the whole “running thing”.

Here are a couple quick facts for 2006:
- States visited in 2006 = Illinois (duh!), Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin (week at the cabin), Minnesota, Michigan (beach weekend), Washington (Gnomedex!) and Florida (vacation with my parents)
- Number of cars that I either purchased or assisted in purchasing this year: 3 (2 for us and 1 for Mo)
- Most played album = Curious George Soundtrack (Maggie’s a huge Jack Johnson fan ~ not necessarily a reflection of my musical tastes) :)
- Most fun playing around with technology: all of the PHP stuff I’ve done over the last week
- My favorite gadget(s): My DS and Wii (you knew that was coming!)
- My favorite book(s): tie between The Areas of My Expertise, Naked Conversations and Getting Real
- My favorite album/new band: The Long WintersPutting the Days to Bed

The Year That Is To Come…
Liz and I both have been talking lately and 2007 may possibly be one of the most interesting years we experience. We have a lot of plans that may or may not happen. We’ve been talking about a new house and this may possibly will be the year that we pull the trigger. Liz really wants to grow out her business and will be redoing her website and really taking things to the next level. I have a thing or two up my sleeve that I just can’t really talk about yet, but believe me you’ll know if and/or when it happens! :) If all goes as planned, 2006 will have been a sleeper compared to this coming year!

Hope you all have a good new year… Here’s to 2007! :)

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3 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Jack Forbes Says:

    Mike, not to be a spoiler, but….are you still planning on building that giant laser?

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