Nintendo Giving Naperville Some Props?

While trying to get my fix of Nintendo news/info with 24 hours left before the launch of the Wii, I stumbled upon this commercial that Nintendo entitled, “Naperville”… Without giving away too much information about where I live, the title instantly grabbed me. ;)

My Wii procurement strategy is Meijer (at midnight) -> Target (crack o’ dawn) -> Costco… I better get a console with this much dedication. Will I be camping out? No. Will it be close to camping out? Uh, that’s an embarrassing question to answer for a 32 year old with a family… :)

All I can say is wish me luck… This really/unfortunately has been my biggest plan of the week.

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5 Responses to “Nintendo Giving Naperville Some Props?”

  1. Greyhawk68 Says:

    Good Luck man! I was thrilled to get my 360 last year, but have never really been a Nintendo fanboy. I was thinking about trying to snag a Wii for resale though. Looks as if the Target closest to me is going to have 60 units… If I get one and you don’t, I might just let you have it for what I paid… as long as they aren’t going for a Brazillion dollars on eBay :-)

  2. Matt Says:

    Did you get one?

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  4. Brian Says:

    dude i live in naperville, illnois right???? i saw this and was amazed.

  5. Igatoshi Tokinoua Says:

    Hey, i live in Naperville, up on book road.

    I was researching this commercial, it does not look like Naperville.