Consider Me Famous

I have officially made it.

My picture is in a post on Steve Rubel’s Micro Persusasion site today (along with Matt and JR… oh, yeah, there’s Matt Mullenweg and the one of the “crazy uncles” in front of us ~ wait, aren’t “links dead”?) :)

The post is about Nielsen banning blogging at a conference of their’s this past week. Steve has a good point about conferences like Gnomedex that have started becoming very popular due to their exposure from everyone blogging.

Hell, that’s one of the best parts about going to events like Gnomedex: being able to join in the conversation (well, that and the possibility that a crowd shot that includes you nerding out in the second row shows up on a farily popular website)… :)

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One Response to “Consider Me Famous”

  1. Evan Says:

    This is great Mike. And the best part is that you still have 14 minutes and 59 seconds left!