I so need…

- more time
- a better tv
- an easier way to watch my video podcasts
- the Wii to come out already
- better beer on hand
- someone to record a podcast with :)
- weekends to go by slower
- new glasses
- that beer opener that Kevin and Alex use on DiggNation
- a banjo
- to stop censoring myself
- to read more
- a reason to switch to any other rss reader than Google Reader (I really don’t, I finally found my reader)
- less bullshit

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2 Responses to “I so need…”

  1. Brian Says:

    I picked one up when Michael and Evo where selling them for Winging It!

  2. Jason Stoop Says:

    I can help you on that Banjo thing. My friend is selling one at a good price.

    As for more time, don’t we all want that, but once we would have it what would we do with it? Fill it in with more mundane tasks, of course.