stuffing #10.5 stuffingYes, this is episode #10.5. Episode #10 was a lost cause (other than a surpise guest of my wife calling me while recording). Maybe you’ll hear pieces of it in a future “best of” (once we have some content that is deemed “best of” ~ we have a long way to go). In the meantime, it’s about 3 months since my last podcast and I’m back in the car…

- Episode #10 was weird and I don’t know why
- I love fall
- I love draping myself in corduroy
- Weird weather so far in October 2006
- I get side-tracked about panhandlers and can’t remember how/why I got on the topic
- I went to Techcocktail 2 on Thursday night
- It was fun, but very crowded
- I need coffee and should watch the road
- “I will plan on talking to you again when the time seems appropriate”

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