Back From TechCocktail2

TechCocktail 2 was tonight at The Gramercy in Chicago and was another good time. I think I liked #1 better just for the fact that it was in a more-open space and wasn’t as jam packed. Boy, was it jam packed.

Being that crowded is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that there are tons of people to talk to and meet. The bad thing is that it’s so crowded that it’s hard to maneuver and you pretty much stay put the whole night (at least lazy people who don’t want to fight through the crowds like me).. :)

Nice seeing some of the regulars and also meeting some new people. (sorry, too lazy for links right now)

I recorded a little podcast on the way home but I need to re-listen to it first. I was in a goofy mood on the way home and I think it may be reflected in the recording. We’ll see what becomes of it…

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