Golden Smog Last Night

I finally got to see my favorite super group in full glory last night as Golden Smog played The Vic Theatre in Chicago.

To answer the big question, yes, Jeff Tweedy played the entire show (or at least the songs that featured him).

It was really interesting to see Tweedy in this setting since he by no means wanted to steal any of the spotlight. If you didn’t know who he was, someone would have to point out to you that he is the lead singer of one of the most popular Chicago-based bands (at least currently).

All in all, it was a fantastic show. The Vic wasn’t sold out and felt very “comfortable” in that I was practically up on the front rail and was not pushed, stepped on or sweated on at all. A very nice change of pace after seeing my fair share of shows there. This was my first Golden Smog show and it was exactly how I imagined it/read about. Very loose and casual. Joking between band members, false starts, covers, etc.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the show was Gary Louris and Jeff Tweedy opening up the encore with “Radio King” and “Listen Joe”. Absolutely the clencher of an awesome show in my opinion. Also, the finale of “Until You Came Along” with at least 10 people on stage singing/playing was very “Last Waltz“-like which was awesome to see. The band played for a good 2+ hours.

I took a couple of very shaky cameraphone pictures which are available on my Flickr site. Also, the good news for those who were unable to attend: WXRT recorded the show for an upcoming Sunday Night Concert. I have to hear those Louris/Tweedy songs again ~ amazing.

The setlist (via ViaChicago):

Looking Forward to Seeing You
You Make it Easy
To Call My Own
East to Be Hard
Can’t Keep From Talking
Long Time Ago
Glad & Sorry
Ill Fated
Never Felt Before
Frying Pan Eyes
Jennifer Save Me
Lost Love
Won’t Be Coming Home
Red Headed Stepchild
Beautiful Mind
He’s A Dick
If I Only Had A Car

Radio King (Gary & Jeff only)
Listen Joe
Dang Me
Revolution Blues
Until You Came Along

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