MMJ == Fall

I always thought I was strange how I match up/put certain things together. Back in October of 2003, I wrote up a post/review of My Morning Jacket’s “breakthrough” album, “It Still Moves”. Here’s what I wrote…

“This sound adds a shallowness and, to me, paints this strange orange and brown color in my head that I think is what I’m associating to Fall. No, I’m not on medication as we speak. Well a little sinus medication but it’s not supposed to have any side-effects? :)”

While perusing my feeds today, I read a post on Pitchfork that talked about My Morning Jacket’s upcoming tour. Within the article, they made a somewhat similar comparison between MMJ and my favorite season…

“Just in time for jacket ‘n’ sweater weather, Kentucky rockers My Morning Jacket have announced a November U.S. tour. Currently in Europe opening for Pearl Jam, the autumnal band will head back across the Atlantic at the end of the month, just in time for frontman Jim James to play five solo shows on the West Coast with folkie John Prine.”

Does this mean that I’m thinking on the same wavelength as Pitchfork (or are they secretly reading Uh, I’m guessing “no” to all of the above. :)

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  1. Evan Says:

    Perhaps you’ve been given the gift of synesthesia: