It’s that time again…

I haven’t done an “Up With/Down With” in quite some time. With that said, there’s no better time than the present!

Up With:
- Fall being right around the corner (courdoroy has officially gone into rotation)
- The Wii finally being getting a release date (more on this later)
- My new Timbuk2 “Blogger” bag (am I loser since this originally caught my eye because of the name? um, yah)
- My “Good Luck Cat” not catching fire (yet)
- The continued success of my steak taco obsession (this may become the name of my “band”)
- Things that charge over USB

Down With:
- iPower Web Hosting (I’ve been dealing with them because of a client. WORST HOSTING COMPANY ever ~ and I felt that way before I got hung up on by their tech support!)
- The media/news (re)coverage of September 11th (reminds me of David Cross’s “9/11 Remix” routine)
- Printers in my house. I’ve never had good luck with any printer I’ve owned.
- Being teased.

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