When you start dreaming that you’re blogging…

Over this past weekend, I had two of the strangest dreams that I can remember. I guess they’re not really strange (at least to me) as they are extremely detailed. In these dreams I found myself typing out blog posts on this site. They were very surreal in that I remember key details about them (and if I would have wrote it down when I woke up one night, I had practically a whole post “typed” out in my sleep ~ by the time morning came, I had forgotten the details).

With that said, here were the two “blog post” titles/subjects that “I was writing” in my sleep. Do they have some sort of secret meaning? Who knows?

Blog post title from dream on Saturday night 09/02/2006:
“Get this motherf’in house off our motherf’in hands”

Of course a play on the best movie I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. I guess this post I can kind of see in that Liz and I are constantly thinking about selling our house and moving to a more “in-town” location. Don’t know what provoked it that night, but I think the premise behind this blog posting was that we have had the house on the market for quite a while and were starting to get a little fed up. Is this a sign of the declining housing trend? Who knows? Let’s hope I don’t have to resort to a blog post like this come late winter/early spring next year when (or is it if) we decide to start looking again…

Blog post title from dream on Sunday night, 09/03/2006:
“Here’s hoping this cool breeze keeps sweeping over me”

I was sleeping right underneath an open window and for the most part was hot the whole night. I’m thinking I caught a breeze while sleeping and then decided to subconsiously blog about it. Yeah, I now. Lame. This is the one that I had a whole post wrote out that I swore to myself I was going to remember in the morning. And you say that you’re never lucky? :)

All in all, very strange. Moral of this post? Even when I’m not expressing my thoughts here on marusin.com, I’m dreaming about it. Lucky you. :)

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3 Responses to “When you start dreaming that you’re blogging…”

  1. ocomik Says:

    What I’m seeing…

    >>Is this a sign of the declining housing trend?>Even when I’m not expressing my thoughts here on marusin.com, I’m dreaming about it.

  2. Jack Montana Says:

    That’s a bad sign. Time to step away from the computer and maybe start building birdhouses or something.

  3. Jack Remax Says:

    I know 3 other people who have the same problem. One person has had their house on the market since spring. If you bought your home at the end of the “bubble” uptick (last year), you may have trouble if you are looking to sell in the next 2 years. Unfortunately, people are going have to drop their $.

    I am looking to buy a home in the the few years when…..
    1) Prices cool off (they wont actually drop – too much)
    2) Houses are being dumped because lenders require principal to be paid on all of these “interest only loans” that everyone used to finance their McMansions.
    3) Forclosure Trend – people are f’g crazy and bought way more than they can afford. I heard from a shouce that AZ has a forclosure rate of 30%. EEEK!

    Americans love to look and act rich. Hence we have the $4 cup of coffee and plasma TVs in our children’s bedrooms.