going back to school edition

The family went up to Michigan for the weekend and while on the drive home, we saw tons of kids that appeared to be driving back to school. This prompted a conversation between Liz and I about how much different things are today (compared to the ‘olden days ~ ie: 10 years ago).

If you know me, you’ll know how nostalgic I get every August when it’s back to school time. As with many things, I guess I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed my college years while they were occuring. The one thing that I hated, though, was the whole moving experience.

Being the packrat that I was am, this consisted of packing practically every single thing I own.

Here’s what a typical college move consisted of for me (circa 1992 – 1997 ~ yes I was on the five year plan):
- Hundreds of CDs
- All of my stereo components (receiver, cd player, tape deck(s) ~ this was the 90′s!) and speakers
- A large television
- Computer and monitor (mini-tower/13″ CRT)
- Sony Playstation (original ~ again, remember it was the 90′s)

Now compare with what I would be bringing today:
- My iPod/mp3s on my computer
- Probably just a nice set of speakers for my computer and/or some kind of iPod speaker system
- Maybe a nice flatscreen monitor for a “large screen”
- My Powerbook (and the monitor mentioned above) – Used for school work, music and movies
- My Nintendo DS

What used to take a large truck (and sometimes even a trailer) to move could now fit in a large duffle bag!

Liz and I also talked about another things that is different today for college kids: phones. No longer do you have to worry about getting a phone setup at your dorm/house/apartment. Everyone has a cell phone now and between that and VOIP/VideoConferencing, there really isn’t such a thing as long distance phone calls (or stamps for that matter)…

Sorry for pointing out the obvious to you all. This is what happens when you’re in the car for hours… :)

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2 Responses to “ going back to school edition”

  1. Jack Kennede Says:

    no ps2 or xbox?
    no guitar?

    cmon man.

  2. Francois Says:

    no multi-function phone ?
    that would suffice for me ! an XDA phone full of stuffs inside.