Garry Meier is Live on the Steve Dahl Show right now

Anyone that has listened to Steve Dahl in the past and is reading this “live” (~3:24pm CST on Friday August 18, 2006) might want to either flip on 105.9 FM (that is if you’re in the Chicago area) or hit the live stream on

Steve’s old co-host, Garry Meier, is live on the air with him. I just tuned in so am still trying to figure this all out… It has been said many times by Steve that the two would never broadcast together, EVER…

Sorry, I’m a big radio nerd…

Thanks to reporter, Schultzie (sorry, can’t find his MySpace page or profile) for giving us the head’s up :)

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4 Responses to “Garry Meier is Live on the Steve Dahl Show right now”

  1. Bieber Labs » Steve Dahl and Garry Meier Reunite Says:

    [...] Garry Meier is Live on the Steve Dahl Show right now [...]

  2. Joe Destruction Says:

    That was some great radio on Friday. I’ve always been a faithful Steve Dahl fan, and was always disappointed at the bitter breakup with Garry, though Steve is still entertaining by himself. Even if it was only a one time deal it was an excellent show. I am as much of a radio nerd, I even burned a copy of the show onto CD from the podcast arhive section. Worth keeping.
    Later, Joe Destruction

  3. bob Says:

    It was good to hear Garry and Steve back together again. However, at least in my mind, they didn’t have the same edge they had 20 or so years ago. Anyhow, I pretty much stopped listening to Dahl after he split w/Garry back in the 90′s. And I think some of Steve’s comments, during the show of 8/18, about Garry were kinda low. On to another topic. I find the Matt Dahl show reminiscent of a young Stever, however I don’t find Matt’s sidekick adding much to the equation. The only show I truly miss is the Stern show. Nevertheless, I’d probably give Steve and Garry a listen if they were to hook up again. I think the chemistry would be better than the current sidekicks. Truth be told, the only person that I still enjoy listening to from the Dahl era is Stan. I’m glad he’s on the air and hope he sticks around.

  4. Curt Says:

    There is no reason to “miss” Howard Stern–he is on 24 hours a day on Sirius 100! It is some of the best radio I have heard–since Steve and Garry of course.