Is Bloglines working for you?

This is not my month (or should I say, summer) for online RSS aggregators..

Bloglines has been acting really wonky for me the last couple of days. Feeds being updated are very sporadic (that is if they even update).

Anyone else in the same boat or once again, is it just me? :) If I were on my Mac all day, my problems would be resolved. Until then, I’m really starting to get frustrated… (and yes, I’ve submitted a trouble ticket)

Update:  Looking at Technorati, I guess I’m not the only one…  It’s all about sympathy in numbers, man…

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2 Responses to “Is Bloglines working for you?”

  1. jr Says:

    Bloglines had a post on having to rebuild some thing or t’other which caused the wonkieness. Or thats what they were saying. Of course we all know that Mike musta broken it.

  2. Mike M Says:

    You know it was me.. I seem to have that affect on RSS Readers these days… :)