Friday Wrap-Up (kind of a status report)

- Liz and I went and saw Trey Anastasio/Mike Gordon and the Benevento-Russo Duo last night at Northerly Island (thanks again, Mo, for watching Maggie). What a great show. It really renewed my faith in all things Phish. I also have to say that The Duo are unreal. Go download a couple of mp3s from their latest album, “Play Pause Stop”. I have honestly listened to “Soba” at least 10 times this morning. I cannot recommend them enough. Take my word for it.

- Posting is gonna be light for the next week or so. We’re going to the land of cheese, brats and beer (three of my favorites). Coincidentally, Rick Klau came up with a cool experiment for a trip the his family is going on next week. He basically created a podcast, but not in the traditional “person talking into a microphone” sense. He asked that anyone that uses “tag” mp3s that he should listen to on the trip with the tag, ricksipod. He then ran the feed that generates through Feedburner to create a “podcast”. You subscribe to the feed and anything tagged with ricksipod is automagically pulled down to your computer/iPod. Very clever and I’ve taken advantage of it. This will be the soundtrack to our trip as well. Thanks, Rick. :) (and by the way, “Soba”, which I mentioned above was one of the songs that is currently in the feed ~ although it wasn’t me who tagged it…)

- I got accepted as a member of AttentionTrust

- I got a lot of new music this week that I’ve been listening to…
= Golden Smog – “Another Fine Day”
= Thom Yorke – “The Eraser”
= Sufjan Stevens – “The Avalanche”
= Band of Horses – “Everything All The Time” (probably my favorite of the bunch, although I’ve had this before ~ just making it “legit”.  You’re welcome, RIAA.)

- Big Brain Academy for the DS has been getting most of my attention lately. With all of these brain games I’ve been playing lately, you’d think I would be uber-smart? :) Now that we have two DS’s in the house, I’m finding that it’s really fun to play head-to-head against Liz. What’s great about the DS is that with the majority of games that I have, you can play against someone but only need one copy of the game. I’m sure we’ll be making a drinking game out of head-to-head Big Brain Academy while up in Wisconsin (although, that kind of seems counter-intuitive?). :)

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