stuffing #9 stuffingWe are back in “the studio”. Sound quality is back! :)

- I popped my podcasting cherry
- I went to Barcamp Chicago last weekend
- An explanation of what an Unconference is
- I wanted to organize a (*)camp last Fall
- My feeling summarized in one word: meh (I blame myself, though)
- My “peeps” weren’t represented
- “I don’t do heat well”
- Getting on my soapbox
- Boom 2.0 is not like the DotCom Boom
- “How are people expecting to cash out from Boom 2.0?” – ugh!
- The people that are doing things are doing them for themselves
- Yeah man, I use the term “Suits” – ugh! :)
- We’re hitting double digits next podcast! :)
- Lots of exciting things going on in my little web world

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