Not so sure about BarCamp Chicago

So I went to BarCamp Chicago today and don’t know how I feel walking away from it. While I was only able to attend for a couple of hours this afternoon, I can’t say I’m walking away with much.

There definitely was a share of very smart people there, but it seemed to be missing the energy of the other events I’ve attended in recent weeks. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by those events… Who’s to say? Part of my “un-sureness” also stems from the fact that it was hotter than hell where they had the event (it was well into the 90′s today in Chicago) and the “space” didn’t have much for air conditioning. Weather like that usually puts a damper on my attitude and I’m willing to admit that it may have skewed my attitude.

Also, I was there towards the beginning, so things were still getting organized and everyone was trying to get into their groove. I do know that while I was there, more people were worried about getting the keg tapped and getting more ice then the (I just accidently typed, “teh”) nerd side of things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for booze. :)

I’m just grumpy today… sorry. I’m interested to hear more from other people that were there. I’ll be keeping my eye on Technorati. In the mean time, I’m happy hanging with my nerd buddies out by me.

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