Glad I made it to TECHcocktail

TECHcocktail Tagging RulesLast night I made the trek last night to the inaugural TECHcocktail event in Chicago. For being such a big city, there never has seemed to be any sort of techy/webby/bloggy community that I was ever able to find. If you go back to the early years of (we’re talking 2001ish ~ too lazy to link right now), you’d often here me whine and complain about this (I really used to be a whiner back then, looking back. Sorry about that…).

I’m really glad I made it to the event last night. There were over 200 registrations, but for some reason I had the feeling that it was going to be Evan, Kris and myself (they made the trek as well). I was really surprised when the room (or at least the non-restaurant side) at State was jammed in an “excuse-me, pardon-me” kind of way. Kudos to Frank Gruber and Eric Olson for getting some kick-ass sponsors and organizing such an event (especially the first one!)…

I met a couple people I knew from previous events (nice seeing you again, Andrew) and a ton of people I didn’t. I was very happy to see so many “thought leaders” (sorry about using that term) and entrepeneurs. Between this event and coming off of Gnomedex last weekend, I’m buzzing. To top it all off, we have BarCamp Chicago coming up next weekend. We need to start spreading these out a bit more to keep things going! :)

Frank and Eric, thanks for putting on a great event. Looking forward to the next TECHcocktail.

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  2. Justin Says:

    Didn’t I meet you while leaving the event? I was walking with Traci and you were walking with Evan.

    Funny how small of a world this can be sometimes…

    I write Live Music Blog. You were half writer on Ocomik’s You’re friends with Rick K. @ FeedBurner. I’m now working at FeedBurner with Rick. Funny. :)

    Nice to meet you, by the way! Keep in touch.