Gnomedex Day 2 – First Half

I’ve been taking notes offline and figured I would share them with you. I’ll try and explain these a little better at some later point.

Dave Winer (
- Frightened by John Edwards on the front of the Seattle PI
- Desktop Publishing -> Web
- “Quitting blogging to do something new”

Philip “Pud” Kaplan (
- FuckedCompany
- Building buzz on the internet
- More sites are popping up everyday, just for places to place ads
- Don’t you have any journalistic integrity? “I’m a programmer, so no.”
- Took VC money and didn’t spend it. Put it in the bank. “We’re getting 4% interest!” :)
- Building buzz: online community
- The 2 Live Crew phenomena ~ set up email address and emailed to the discussion list “It’s so fucked up, you should see this site!”
- Write about some group. Everyone from that group is going to go to that site.
- Blogs have dead-ends. Make users feel like they need to come back.
- FC had game to bet on what companies were going to go out of business.
- Mobog ~ pull pictures onto your site
- If you’re gonna plaster ads on your site and make $2.00 a day, you’re alienating yourself

Chris Messina ( and Tara Hunt (
- “Think Small”
- “you can fail more cheaply than ever”
- nichification
- build something you need
- build it with a community
- barcamp
- Small Success
- “Succeed without a giant liquidity event”
- “the long tail is chunky”
- “serve niches really well”
- The definition of success is being able to work from home, stay with my family and still make the mortgage payment (I’ll need to come back to this sometime) :)
- Gnomedex is an independent success
- Seth Godin’s “The Bootstrappers Bible” –

Ethan Kaplan (
- – REM fan site
- The culture where the fan and the band are no different
- (Official band site on left/Fan site on the right-hand side)
- site has a “what is this tagging things” help page
- “Explain Technorati to a 16 year old”
- Discussion boards and email lists don’t matter to 16 year olds anymore

Kaliya ~ Gnomedex MVP (
- Communities

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