Gnomedex = This Week

Hey all, it’s been a bit crazy around here lately and it’s about to get even worse. With that said, please stayed tuned. You’re about to be hit with an onslaught of posts/information this week (towards the end of the week)…

Why, you ask?

It’s that time of year again for Gnomedex and I’ll be there in full blogging-form. What does that mean to you, the reader who doesn’t know what Gnomedex is (or isn’t on the “nerdy-side” of the spectrum)? Expect things to get a little geeky around here this week/next. If you can’t take that, give me a head’s up and I’ll let you know (personally) when things “tone down” a bit.. :)

I’m really looking forward to Gnomedex this year. It will be awesome to see the regular crew again and meet so many other like-minded people.

P.S. The nerd factor will carry over onto my Flickr site and links as well. Sorry… :)

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