“You could hear Paul’s foot tapping from the very last row…”

Paul Curreri playing in Rick's basementFriday night, Liz and I had a “date night”. Big deal, right? Well, I can count on one hand how many times just Liz and I have gone out since Maggie was born (15 months, now?)… And one of those times was to visit our accountant and have our taxes done, so that kinda says something.

I talked about “house concerts” last fall and finally had the opportunity to attend one. Rick and Robin Klau hosted a party/concert in their lovely home with the extremely-talented Paul Curreri “booked” as entertainment. Paul was playing at a festival in the area the following night and Rick was able to arrange for him to come a day earlier and play at his house. I believe Rick said that he used to work with Paul’s dad (at least I think I remember hearing that?) and that’s how he became aware of Paul’s talents.

I can’t even begin to describe how good of a time we had and how awesome it was to see someone like Paul in such a great setting. The title of this post says it all. It was awesome to see a performer in a setting where you could actually here his foot tapping as he was playing guitar. I mentioned this to Rick when we were getting ready to leave and it seemed like he had a similar experience seeing Paul before as well.

I have to admit that while I’ve heard of Paul Curreri through Rick, I wasn’t too familiar with his music. Needless to say, we had a fantastic time and after picking up a couple of his cds there, his music has been playing all weekend long. Besides everything else, it was great to finally meet some of the local nerds’ better-halves… Evan took some great pictures (with the obligatory “keg shot” of me ~ no I did not do a keg stand, although I probably could have been coerced if we stayed longer).

I got the chance to talk to Paul a little bit between his sets and he asked what I did, etc. We talked a little bit about blogging and the topic of “why do you blog?” and “who is your audience?” came up. I explained that really I blog for my sake and that the audience really is me. If other people read my site, then that’s great. I gave him my usual speech (I’ve had this conversation numerous times and am quite passionate about how I explain things). I also went on to explain that sometimes I just need to vent so I’ll write things that are somewhat cryptic and only I understand them. He was smiling the whole time as I was going on and on. He then went on to explain that it’s the same thing with his music. He writes things for himself. Sometimes what he sings or plays relates to everyone in the audience. Sometimes he’s the only person who knows what his lyrics mean.

Rick, you have to do this again when Paul comes back through town! If not, we may have to finish our basement sooner than planned! :)

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