Does anyone have any opinions on FeedLounge?

I’ve been thinking about giving it a whirl… Bloglines just isn’t doing it for me lately (is it the website or are people constantly republishing their RSS feeds?) and I’ve been hearing some good things about FeedLounge as of late. It practically looks like a piece of “client-based” software and has a very slick interface.

I know some people are detered by the cost of FeedLounge, but if it’s a useful tool then it’s totally worth it to me. I use my RSS reader more than anything else other than my actual operating system.

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16 Responses to “Does anyone have any opinions on FeedLounge?”

  1. Richard Says:

    I use FeedLounge, and I do keep going back to the free readers like Bloglines and Rojo, but never find a reason to ditch FeedLounge. It justs works more smoothly than all the others – I can basically just load it up and start hitting ‘space’ to go through each article one at a time. It also has in-built support for posting to I’d say if your RSS reader is that important, it’s well worth paying just a month’s subscription to see what you think.

  2. Derek Punsalan Says:

    Feedlounge is by far the best RSS reader that I’ve used. Having toyed with Bloglines, Newsgator, FeedDemon, Newsfire, and NetNewsWire, my loyalty lies in Feedlounge. The interface will have anyone believe that what they have in front of them is an actual desktop application.

    With keyboard shortcuts, the ability to tag feeds through to, a running history of read items, and the ability to tag and flag reads for organizational purposes, there is little not to like about the service (imo).

    If you wish to ignore the feature set alone, consider the subscription cost your admission ticket to a well supported forum and technical support resource.

  3. Anthony Timberlake Says:

    FeedLounge is certaintly worth the amount of money I pay for it a month. The speed, the support by Alex & Scott, and just the convience are enought to keep me part of their customer base for a very long time.

    One other thing that really entices me is the fact that almost monthly we are getting a bunch of new, useful features.

  4. Scott Says:

    I consider myself fairly particular when it comes to software. If the application does not do exactly what I expect, and in the manner that I desire, then I generally discard it and move on to something that does fit within my parameters.

    For me, web based feed reading is a must. While applications are fine and dandy, they generally do *me* no good. I require the ability to get to my feeds from any computer with network access, anywhere in the world.

    With that said, I, like you, was at a point where I was tired of Bloglines. The framed interface is dated, and there just were not enough features to keep me coming back daily. About the only reason I continued to use Bloglines for so long was because of the lack of a better service.

    Then FeedLounge finally opened up their “beta” to individuals interested in paying a subscription fee. I quickly jumped on it and have never looked back.

    IMHO, FeedLounge is the quintessential web based feed reader. It is far and above the other web based readers available (Bloglines, Rojo, etc…), and works flawlessly. The interface is polished and efficient, and nearly functions as if it is a desktop application operating from within a web browser. Granted, there have been a minor amount of service related hiccups, but those are the exception, not the rule.

    I know you from a hole in the wall. In fact, the only reason I am here posting this is as a result of reading the FeedLounge blog. But, I urge you to take your time to test FeedLounge. If you have been using Bloglines for so long, then you will adore FeedLounge.

    If I were to select the top 3 most necessary web based applications, FeedLounge would rank somewhere in there, probably directly after Gmail. For me, that says a lot about its importance and usefulness.

    Good luck!

  5. Chip Griffin Says:

    I very much enjoy FeedLounge. I’ve tried most online RSS readers out there. My favorite was SearchFox, unfortunately, they were very shortlived. In any event, FeedLounge does a nice job of organizing everything, it has a slick AJAX interface, and has been very reliable for me.

    If they could only add something to prioritize unread posts based on my reading behavior (like SearchFox did), I’d be thrilled.

    Bottom line: definitely worth a shot.

  6. Cote' Says:

    You should use it. $50/year is totally worth it. I spend a huge portion of my life in my aggregator, and if I had to do that in bloglines, I’d go crazy.

    Bloglines was great, but to get all SAT on you, it’s like AltaVista was to Google when it comes to Bloglines::Feedlounge.

    As with all information technology, there’ll be a little conceptual bump at first — mine was, and still is, not being able to order my tags/folders — but you’ll start to like it. It makes sense, and it’s wicked fast.

    The last was an initial problem that I carped on endlessly, and it was fixed quite quickly.

    Which is the final, most important part of Feedlounge: the people behind it are passionate about making it a great product. Put another way, they haven’t cashed out (yet, we can hope for their sake ;>), so they’re still developing new features and keeping things in good shape.

    That is, you’ll not only be buying a good product, but a solid software-relationship with the company.

    So, as I said: buy it and use it. You’ll like it.

  7. Matt Says:

    I know nothing about FeedLounge, so I’ll give a totally different opinion. Buy the latest NetNewsWire. It syncs with NewsGator Online for free.

  8. Eli Says:

    After trying almost every client and web-based RSS aggregator out there (including Gregarius, a server-side install), I settled on FeedLounge for a few reasons: 1) UI is beautiful 2) fast speed 3) posting directly to my bookmarks.
    Give it a whirl – I’m sure you’ll be convinced.

  9. Matt W. Says:

    I’ve been using feedlounge for quite awhile now (ever since they opened the doors) and I really enjoy it. As you said, it’s a slick interface. I think what sets it apart the most for me is the fact there’s no need for snychronization between computers and all of the hotkeys that make navigating it pretty easy.

    If you haven’t already I would give their free tour a test. I imagine you’ll like it.

  10. mike Says:

    Wow, who knew anyone read this blog? :)

    I think I just spent $50… Expect a report in the near future. Thanks for all of your help (and sorry your comments got caught up in moderation ~ you’ve all been green-flagged).. :)

  11. Javier Says:

    Before Feedlounge I had big problems with RSS because of the amount of feeds, posts and information. Now I can have a very fast view just pressing the space bar, tag what I want to read and it goes directly to my delicious account. I have even increased my feeds and reduced my reading time.

  12. Paul Says:

    Speed and ease.

    Most web based RSS readers require a refresh of the ENTIRE page when moving from one set of stories to the next. This takes considerable time.

    Most web based RSS readers require the use of a “click” to mark something as read. This not only takes times but precision.

    With Feedlounge, only the main feed screen is refreshed when moving from group to group. The space bar eliminates using the mouse to mark items as read. These features create a reading environment that is easy as well as speedy.

    I was definitely skeptical of feedlounge releasing their pay version first. I wondered how they could compete with all the free readers out there. The answer: a far better product that is worth paying for.

  13. Charlie Says:

    It’s definitely worth a try. Alex and Scott give great support and the UI is good. I’ve tried other consolidators and this is the one I’ve stuck with.

  14. Josh Says:

    FeedLounge is wonderful; I just gave up my Newsgator account for it. The only complaint I have is that, as of now, organizing feeds is not an easy task.

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