Air Conditioning shouldn’t be required in May

But the weather-gods turned the furnace on pretty high out of the blue this past weekend in Illinois. I expect this weather in Arizona or Vegas or during the months of July/August, but not Memorial Day weekend. I was wearing a jacket last week if it tells you how quickly things changed.

I guess it’s pretty coincidental with “An Inconvenient Truth” being initially released over the weekend at select theatres?

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2 Responses to “Air Conditioning shouldn’t be required in May”

  1. gringo Says:

    Well, the weather has been quite crazy in the last few years.

    I think the movie took a risk by basically trying to compete with the usual summer blockbusters. But I think An Inconvenient Truth is much better than a convenient X-man. Just go and see it.

  2. Mike M Says:

    Trust me, I plan to see it as soon as possible… The book is already pre-ordered