Status Report For Week Ending 2006-05-14

It was a crazy/craptastic week last week. With that said, let me fill you in a bit what went on.

What I read:
- Lots of blog coverage on e3
- Started The DaVinci Code (again. I still have never finished it.)

What I did:
- Got an invite to something I’m really looking forward to. More info to come once things kick off.
- Removed several references to Technorati tags on since they were in too many locations (and they still never work for me?)
- Started working on two other websites that may or may not “go live”. I own too many domain names that I don’t do anything with.

What I listened to:
- Gnarls Barkley, “St. Elsewhere” (Maggie’s favorite disc of the year so far)
- Pearl Jam, “Pearl Jam” (actually not too bad)
- Lots of The Decemberists

What I played:
- Not a whole lot of anything, it was a bit of a crazy week

Apology of the week:
- sorry about the post the other day that sounded like a personal ad… I was having a rough day and was having some sort of deja-vu-ish daydream. :)

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