Status Report For Week Ending 2006-03-31

I’m slowly but surely getting out from behind the woodwork…

Favorite links for the week:
- I already posted it this week, but the discussions going on over at GapersBlock for the most overrated and underrated restaurants in Chicago are full of so much info
- PSAs from “The Office”
- Video of me from Christmas morning several years back… :)

What I listened to:
- The Go! Team, “Thunder, Lightning, Strike”
- Broken Social Scene, “Broken Social Scene”
- Built To Spill, “Goin’ Against Your Mind” (downloaded from iTunes, don’t have link generator handy)

What I realized:
- I love pictures of bicycles inside apartments/living rooms/etc.
- The Office kind of sucked this week (don’t get me wrong ~ it was better than 99.9% of everything else)

What I played:
- Not as much stuff as I would have liked, but I scattered in some Phoenix Wright and Tetris again… Plan to fire up the 360 again this weekend.

What I hope to do next week:
- Still book that flight for Gnomedex
- Ride the scooter since the weather is starting to get warm!

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