100 Things About Me

One of the nice features that is built into WordPress is that it shows you all of your posts that are still in “Draft” mode. What’s cool is that after converting from Movable Type a month or two ago, it brought over a ton of draft posts that I had originally started and decided to bail on, come back to, etc….

One of the posts that I started YEARS ago and never got around to completing was the “100 Things About Me” meme. With that said, I never completely filled it out but made a pretty good dent in it. It’s kind of fun to look at this because it’s kind of a time capsule from when I originally started writing the post back in 2002.

While some things have changed four years later, here are 10 things from my original list that truly are “about me”:

6.) I really like to cook

7.) I love things that “do their thing” on their own without any intervention (dishwashers, automated tasks on a computer, cooking something in a crockpot all day)… Basically anything that works while I’m doing something else

9.) If you give my 5 minutes, I can usually figure out how to play the melody of any given song on a piano (and I don’t technically “play” piano)

10.) One of my only regrets was passing up the opportunity to see Uncle Tupelo while I was in college

14.) I worked all throughout high school at a pizza place and it is still one of the best jobs I’ve worked at/had most fun at…

24.) I will not pass up a good burrito

33.) Everytime The Who’s “Who Are You?” comes on the radio I always listen closely to hear if they bleep out “Who the f@!% are you?“. Some stations still play the original even though they’re not supposed to.

42.) About four out of five books I read are non-fiction

63.) I’ve been growing a form of facial hair every couple of months for the last year or so as a “form of rebellion” (to what I don’t know?)

65.) I’m fascinated by “subcultures” (for example Apple Users, Bloggers or even the culture within an office)

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