stuffing #5 stuffingHell yeah, I found the iRiver (after it’s been missing since December)!

In this show I talk about:
- Podfading (and how we’re all guilty of it)
- Admitting I’m a Nintendo Fan-Boy
- Me being obsessive/compulsive about things

Download stuffing #05 (4.9mb) (right click and save as) or suck it in from my RSS feed RSS Feed.

While you’re at it, check out my other podcasts.

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  1. » Blog Archive » stuffing #5 Says:

    [...] While you’re at it, check out my other podcasts. [...]

  2. Schlomo Hizzostein Says:

    ym from nyc.

  3. Schlomo Hizzostein Says:

    You belong in a nuthouse.

  4. Schlomo Hizzostein Says:

    Hey, can you have a podcast to find explore the source and meaning of “assjack?”.

    Heard the term. Cant recall where.


  5. » Blog Archive » Status Report For Week Ending 2006-03-26 Says:

    [...] What I hope to do this week: – Spend more time around here – Record a podcast or two… Time for a major brain dump… – Book my flight to Gnomedex – Finish up some personal projects [...]